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Smoking Cessation – Everyone quits cold turkey

Thursday, May 26, 2016






Simple fact about quitting smoking – everyone quits cold turkey. Whether you’ve used the patch, the gum, and meds or just quit on your own, everyone who smokes and quits, at some point has to quit cold turkey. The nicotine rationing systems are simple band aids to wean you off nicotine. Like training wheels on a kid’s bike, yet, at some point you still have to go solo.  

Often people come to the office looking for a magic bullet to help them want to quit smoking. At first, they seldom acknowledge that -- feeling as if they really want to quit. However, the motivation may not quite be there yet, and they have not really committed to the task. Even with hypnosis, the final step requires taking off the training wheels and quitting. And you have to be committed to doing that. You either do that…or you fall.

Trying to quit in the middle of a bitter divorce, or under the pressures of a financial crisis or in the midst of some overwhelming emotional turbulence in life, is not the best time to attempt this, even with hypnosis.  Contrary to popular belief hypnosis doesn’t make you do things you don’t really want to do. Suggestibility has its root in ‘want to’.  But there are many reasons you smoke, most are emotional or habitual and cigarettes become our friends, or so we think.

Before attempting to quit, do an emotional checklist and see if you have your motivation in the right place. Are you doing this for you first? Do you have good strong internal drivers for quitting, such as wanting to live a full healthy life; wanting to see kids or grandkids grow up; or just wanting to avoid the high costs of cigarettes and the social embarrassment of still maintaining this increasingly ostracized habit. These emotional drivers can be your ally in quitting smoking for good.  And we can use them to motivate your subconscious, which experiences the world in emotion, metaphor and patterns.

Hypnosis helps you to reconcile your conscious decision to stop smoking with your unconscious desires to keep smoking. Help for making that final commitment to stop smoking forever.

If you are interested in finding out more, come to a free informational meeting by BrainPilots™ on the use of hypnosis in smoking cessation. See the date/time on the front page of this website.  If you are really ready to quit, then hypnosis can help.  Remember: Your life depends on it.

Note: Free audio file with attendance to help you prepare for stopping smoking.



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