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Free Falling – The Neurowave Deep Relaxation Effect

Tuesday, March 24, 2015





The Dichotomy of Free Fall

What is the appeal of bungee jumping a high ravine, hang gliding off a steep canyon escarpment or skydiving --plunging at 130 mph from the belly of a plane? That moment of free fall, when all of your senses are telling you that death is imminent, that the internal dialogue is telling you this is really a bad idea– yet, the exhilaration and thrill of kissing the boots of death overrides all self-preservation. Or, perhaps it’s the desire to fly, to defy the limitation of human mechanics and soar or plunge as the great raptors do.  Whatever the reason, this desire to fly, to free fall, seems to transverse all cultures.

Liberation in balance – the Yin and Yang of the Autonomic Nervous System

There is liberation in balancing between the idea of resignation and release and the desire to maintain control. This may be due to the opposing, yet complimentary functions of the autonomic nervous system – the” flight and fight” of the sympathetic nervous system and the “rest and digest” of the parasympathetic nervous system. Each has its function, each serves it purpose, both pursuing the correct nervous system reaction for optimal survival. Both in a yin/yang dance. With the idea of free fall, we activate them both with desire for release and fall with no attachment and the knowledge that momentarily, while tempting the fates, we will soon be snapped back to reality by a safety net and the calmness of control.

How this applies to Hypnosis

When doing hypnotic work the tightrope walk between these two opposing forces, maintaining control and sublime release becomes apparent, as clients learn to get the most of sessions.  The need to release to relaxation is optimal and letting go of the vice grip of the conscious critical mind to allow access to the subconscious, where suggestions can anchor and behavior can change. This is where the analogy to free fall comes into play…a willingness to fly, to release, to abandon control, and to paradoxically gain greater control of your mind, by granting allowance of the freedom to change.

How the Neurowave allows you to fly

 At BrainPilots we use the Neurowave motion bed with hypnosis. The Neurowave stimulates the vestibular nerve by the gentle rotation of the bed. As the client effortlessly and passively relaxes on the bed, this vestibular stimulation sends a signal to the brain stem and then on to the cortex of the brain, which responds with a signal to the mind and body to relax.  This allows even the most active minds to relax without trying. And by doing so, the client’s mind begins to create the best state of mind for hypnotic suggestion. Reaching the alpha/theta brainwave sweet spot, clients automatically let go, feeling as if they were flying. This feeling of body/mind dissociation is the threshold to the subconscious and makes relaxation a calming artifact of the session.  And, when you fly, you can soar. And when you soar, you dare to change.

To try the auto-meditation effects of the Neurowave, call BrainPilots™ 541.647.1224 today to find out more about using Neurowave for deep relaxation or to use in conjunction with hypnotic suggestion.  Call now and schedule a FREE trial session.  



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