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Brain Training – Your Personal Journey of Discovery

Monday, September 08, 2014

The emergence of the concept of neuroplasticity in neuroscience over the past several decades has opened up the idea that our neural pathways are not static.  People can, you know, at any age continue to grow new neural circuits, continue to train their brains to perform more efficiently and more effectively. Today, there a multitude of ways to train your brain – from low tech methods, such as working a puzzle, learning a new language to high tech training involving sophisticated software and electroencephalograph (EEG) sensors in what is commonly referred to as neurofeedback training.

 As we age, our brains suffer from the constant barrage of attack from stress, anxiety, poor diet and nutrition and the general turbulence of life. These stressors create neural patterns, often unproductive, that can hold back our brains natural capacity for efficiency and free flowing processing. Brain training can help your brain get “unstuck.”

Think of brain training in the same light you would see physical training or working out at the gym.  Constantly working muscle groups, exercising them to improve strength and flexibility helps keep you mobile and healthy. Although the brain is not a muscle, it can benefit immensely from the exercising done with neurofeedback training.  And just like you wouldn’t go to the gym or fitness center once and expect permanent results, brain training also requires a commitment to consistent and persistent training.

The stress of modern life can work against optimum brain fitness.  The stressors in life are generally outside of our control, but how we react to them and how we navigate these choppy waters is largely up to us. How would you feel if you could do brain training and feel relief from the stress and worries of life?

Advanced neurofeedback training, such as is used at BrainPilots™, uses advanced and highly sophisticated software algorithms and standard EEG sensors to create a feedback loop from your brain to the computer running the software and then back to your brain for decisioning. Signals from your brain are realtime data on the status of your brain at any given moment. The software monitors the signals and returns a signal back to you when your brain is functioning outside of any of the sixteen target ranges. This might indicate a dysfunctional pattern. When your brain receives the signal, via an interrupt over a pleasant musical audio file, it then can determine what if any action it would like to take based on the feedback. In other words, your brain makes its own decision about how to affect change within you.  Can you imagine it being any easier than that?

This is a completely natural feedback loop. The trainer does not have to make educated guesses about where and how your brain should be functioning and use the feedback as a method of altering brain wave state within your brain. Some current neurofeedback systems rely heavily on the skill and experience of their trainers to make accurate decisions on where and how changes need to occur. At BrainPilots™ our sophisticated software automates this process and allows your brain to make these decisions below conscious awareness. Your brain knows what is best for its own functioning. And we agree.

The benefits can be quite astounding, but often are much more subtle and slow evolving in their nature. Much like mindfulness exercises or meditation of mind/body practices, i.e., yoga or tai chi, brain training can affect the brain in positive and transformational ways. The key difference is in the discipline and the participation requirement. Brain training at BrainPilots™ is quite relaxing, much like meditation or relaxation exercise, but requires little conscious effort on the part of the participant. It therefore is much more passive and easier for those with a much more active mind. Thirty-five minutes of brain training, can provide all the benefits of meditation, with little or none of the conscious work load.

At BrainPilots™ we use several tools to provide our brain training work. Whether it’s relaxation you’re after (which can be accomplished easily on our NeuroWave relaxation system), or brain training with our NeurOptimal® brain training software, or targeted and specific training via guided hypnotherapy provided by our certified hypnotherapist, we have a system that will work with your individual central nervous system. Can you already begin to imagine the benefits?

Come by for a free consultation. Let’s talk over your needs and let us devise a personalized plan to help you in your own personal journey of discovery. Sooner or later you owe it to yourself. After all, can you afford not to be your best?


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