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Brain Training, aka, Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brain Training, aka, Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD




New Study shows positive affect for ADD/ADHD kids with Neurofeedback

A new study from Tufts Medical Center in Boston (Steiner NJ1, 2014) is showing a positive effect on ADD/ADHD kids using neurofeedback training.  The study tracked 104 children after six months of 40 sessions of neurofeedback training versus cognitive training alone.  Results showed that those students receiving neurofeedback training scored significantly higher on several different measurements of hyperactivity/impulsivity, executive brain level functioning and attention. In addition, those students in the neurofeedback group maintained their medication dosages at the same level, whereas, the other groups not receiving neurofeedback training actually showed need for increased dosages of meds. These findings suggest that neurofeedback shows great promise for attention training for children with ADHD.

Treatment versus Brain Fitness Training

Now, with the above study, it is important to understand the distinction between neurofeedback treatments versus neurofeedback training.  In traditional QEEG type neurofeedback, the process is focused on assessment and diagnosis and then developing a treatment plan which may include brainwave manipulation to increase or decrease activity in various lobes of the brain. This may activate certain brain functioning depending on the corresponding area of the brain or conversely depress other brainwave activity to suppress hyperactivity in an area or areas of an undesirable nature.

Along the same line, neurofeedback training generally requires an interaction between the client and the software to promote training/learning activity based on EEG feedback and or some type of biofeedback mechanism which allows the user/client to train the brain for a certain response.  This is not passive training and does require some skill development from the client and requires a highly skilled technician to administer the training, generally a mental health professional.

There is another way: dynamical neurofeedback brain fitness training.

Dynamical neurofeedback is more akin to fitness training. Just like fitness training is a complimentary adjunct to medical treatment for the body; so dynamical neurofeedback is to the brain.  If you are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or are obese -- working out at a gym and getting fit, losing weight, toning up, will have in many ways the beneficial effects you receive as taking the medications your doctor or health professional has prescribed for you. In fact, with continued fitness, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the meds and replace with a healthier, heartier lifestyle.

Brain fitness can in many ways accomplish a similar purpose.  This is especially important if you have a child that is taking medications for the treatment of ADD/ADHD.  Most parents would like to see their children reduce or eliminate the medications and still see improvements in attention, focus, concentration and calmness.  Brain fitness training can provide a complimentary, natural and safe adjunct to standard medical treatment. Neuroptimal is the only leading neurofeedback system that uses the dynamical neurofeedback approach to train the brain as naturally and as side effect free as possible.

How Neuroptimal is different

Neuroptimal neurofeedback systems from Zengar uses a non-manipulative brain training protocol. Instead of trying to assess, then train based on an already time dated assessment, the Neuroptimal system tracks the brainwave activity of the client in real time, providing almost instantaneous feedback to the brain via the sophisticated algorithms built into the software. This feedback gives the brain an opportunity to assess its own brain patterns and based on the individual’s central nervous system make adjustments in its own way and time. You can’t get much more natural than that. 

This means there are literally no side effects to be concerned with and results show great promise as a drug free means of working with ADD/ADHD kids. With continued brain training there may even be a reduction of medication or elimination of the medication.

The training is profoundly relaxing, allowing the child to learn calmness and training them to relax the mind. The training is completely passive which often mean that the child just drops in to a deep relaxed, almost meditative state, calming both mind and body. Kids really love coming in to do the training. It’s as if at some level their brain knows that the sessions are helping.

Call BrainPilots™ 541.647.1224 today to find out more about using Neuroptimal to work with your ADD/ADHD child. Call now and schedule a FREE trial session.  



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